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Friday, February 27, 2004


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Interesting take on the issue, Rick. A friend and I were just commenting on how we saw reactions to the movie splitting down modern / post modern lines (which are , admittedly, just as risky stereotypes as "left" and "right").

I'd put myself in the post modern column, and you'd put me in the left column (!)... but I haven't seen the movie yet to support or refute our theory. I'll keep you posted, and I'll be interested to hear your thoughts as well.


i think that one of the reasons it is like this (aside from my own issues with the movie) is because usually "right" conservatives have the most problems with SEX in movies, while "left" liberals have the most problems with violence. because the passion of the christ is so violent, it's emphasizing an already existing line.



I'm going to make a confession here (my second one to you, on the same day!)...

This "right" conservative doesn't have a lot of problems with sex in movies...

Now don't tell anyone...



Thanks for checking in... From what I've seen of your 'stuff' thus far, and as best I can remember without going back to check, I think I'd put you in the "left" column on the Iraq war... but havent' really read too much more of your "stuff" to know where you might stand elsewhere...

Tell me you're voting for Kerry however, and I'll know.


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